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At Fuquay-Varina Family Law, we understand and celebrate the fact that families come in many different forms! As an all-inclusive firm, our goal is to achieve security and solutions for two-parent families, LGBTQ+ and same-sex families, single parents, foster families, multi-generational families, and everything in between. We provide support for clients facing divorce, child custody, adoption, child support/alimony, pre- and post nuptial agreements, domestic violence issues, and more. 

Serving The LGBTQ+ Community

Melissa Flanagan is a strong ally of LGBTQ+ individuals and families and has served on the LGBT Center of Raleigh’s development committee for the past two years. When she’s not thinking up creative ways to raise money for the center, she provides support for LGBTQ+ families in need of a family law attorney throughout Wake, Harnett, and Johnston counties. In addition to helping clients understand North Carolina’s evolving LGBT laws, Melissa’s firm assists in same-sex adoption, partnership, visitation and custody rights, paternity issues, and parenting agreements.

Providing Help For Single Parents 

Gaining custody of your child can be a complicated and scary process, particularly for single parents. At Fuquay-Varina Family Law, we firmly believe that someone’s gender identity or sexuality should not negatively impact their ability to gain or maintain custody. Saying that, all decisions should be made with the child’s best interest in mind. Most courts have evolved to recognize the progression of societal roles within many different types of families, and your custody arrangement should reflect that. We support single parents by providing them with a list of resources they might need, helping them understand North Carolina’s child custody laws, filing important court documents, representing them in court, and ensuring their rights as a parent are always protected. 

Adoptive And Foster Families

Whether you’re adopting a child or fostering, Fuquay-Varina Family Law is here to help! State and federal laws regarding adoption are always evolving, but we will be the first to let you know if and when your family will be impacted.  For adoptive parents, we will file the necessary paperwork and show up in court to handle any issues regarding the termination of parental rights (if necessary).

Whether you’re looking to expand your family, start your divorce journey, file for custody, or draft a pre- or post nuptial agreement, Fuquay-Varina Family Law is here to advocate for you. All of you. Contact us today to set up a consultation.